Sunday, December 8, 2013

Weekending :: Cold

Weekending, my favorite part of the week. A time to relax, live, love, just to be.
Joining with Amanda.


It's been a cold weekend with -25 C...
So no playing outdoors,
but lots of wood burning to keep us warm and cosy indoors.
There's been
Dr. Who  episodes
sunady roast
apple pie
way to much time spent on pinterest
more knitting
picking up books at the library
finishing a couple more christmas gifts


And I've finally bought some "Julestjerner".
The Christmas Star flower, more commonly called poinsettia, is found in nearly every Norwegian home during Christmas. It's star-shaped petals and deep red colour make it a popular holiday decoration. It also thrives in low-light conditions, making it ideal for Norwegian winters.


Så tenner vi to lys i kveld,
to lys for håp og glede.
De står og skinner for seg selv
og oss som er til stede.
Så tenner vi tenner vi to lys i kveld,
to lys for håp og glede. 

-Inger Hagerup- 

We light two candles tonight.
We light it for hope and happiness.


  1. You just reminded me I need to water my poinsettia. I forgot my mum gave us one. Pretty candles! I asked my husband what -25 C° was in F°. He said, "That's damn cold Fahrenheit," LOL.

  2. Your poinsettia is beautiful! Our dog would likely eat it, so we have refrained from getting one so far. Happy Advent!

  3. Ah, you know it's a good weekend with Dr. Who :)

  4. hope and happiness indeed - hope your family has much of both this season!

  5. Brrr! It's been cold here, too. I'm in a blankie in the recliner right now.


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