Sunday, January 15, 2017

FO :: Blue Vanilla Socks


My youngest has had a weekend filled with fever and a sore throat, so a new pair of warm wool socks was just the thing to put on this morning. He's feeling better now and I'm crossing my fingers that the rest of us doesn't catch it.


Ravelry project page
Pattern: 56 sts, cuff down with a slipped stitch heel.
Yarn: 72 g Senjagarn #347
Needles: 2,5 mm / US 1.5
Size: eu 37. He'll soon have the same size as me, so no more quick sock knitting for the kids…


Saturday, January 14, 2017

FO :: Cozy Morning Mitts


I managed to take some usable photos of some finished projects today. The daylight is slowly coming back and the sun will come above the horizon in about a week :)


I've had this pattern in my queue since it came out in 2013 and have been meaning to knit it each winter since... But it never happened until now. It's an easy pattern to knit and the fit is perfect.


Ravelry project page
Pattern: Cozy Morning Mitts by Gretchen Ronnevik
Yarn: Sisu in red #4228 and Senjagarn in grey #305
Needles: 2,5 mm / US 1.5


Love the heart detail on the thumb!



I took the advantage of the light to take photos of some other mitts and mittens that I've knitted lately. They are a pair of Nalu mitts, a pair of felted Burning Love mittens and a felted pair of  Fluesopp mittens.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Yarn Along


What are you knitting and reading this week? I'm joining Ginny at Small Things for Yarn Along.

Knitting: Kofter (a jacket with traditional norwegian stranded knitting) is the thing to knit in Norway and has been for a long time. And with several new knit books with kofter and patterns getting a modern update the last couple of years, the kofte knitting is bigger than ever!
I have so many I want to knit... I have even found an old pattern named "Hege", so of course I need to knit it some day ;) But right now I have the Setesdalskofte on my needles. I am having a little gauge trouble... so after a bit of ripping I found out I had to go down in the size to get it to fit me. It's the first time i am knitting with Tove yarn and it's a little bit on the scratchy side, but I think it will soften after a wash.

Reading: I've wanted to read this thriller since it came out years ago, but there has always been another book to read or it has been lent out at the library. But last time we went to the library The Boy in the Suitcase was in the shelf and I knew it was time to read it. I've read about 1/3 and so far it's good. It keeps me turning the pages with it's short and action filled chapters.

Nina Borg, a Red Cross nurse, wife, and mother of two, is a compulsive do-gooder who can't say no when someone asks for help—even when she knows better. When her estranged friend Karin leaves her a key to a public locker in the Copenhagen train station, Nina gets suckered into her most dangerous project yet. Inside the locker is a suitcase, and inside the suitcase is a three-year-old boy: naked and drugged, but alive.

Is the boy a victim of child trafficking? Can he be turned over to authorities, or will they only return him to whoever sold him? When Karin is discovered brutally murdered, Nina realizes that her life and the boy's are in jeopardy, too. In an increasingly desperate trek across Denmark, Nina tries to figure out who the boy is, where he belongs, and who exactly is trying to hunt him down. -from Goodreads-

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Garderobe Makealong


Frk. Garn, a danish knitter started a wardrobe makealong this year. The point is to knit and/or sew your own clothes. I am not the best friend with my sewig machine, but who knows, this might be the year we become friends ;) The only accessories that is allowed to make is socks. So my plan to knit more shawls and hats will not count, at least not for prizes which will be dawn each month.


The first project is a Setesdalkofte. I'm knitting it in Tove and are struggling a little bit with the gauge...

A few years ago Truly Myrtle made her own handmade wardrobe and I loved her post about her beautiful knitted and sewed garments. So take a look and be inspired!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Yarn Along

Yarn Along

What are you knitting and reading this week? I'm joining Ginny at Small Things for Yarn Along.

We are in the third day of cold weather here, the second with -25 C, so I'm feeding the woodstove and are drinking tea today.

Knitting: In one of the Norwegian groups on Ravelry we are trying to knit up our stash. And one way of doing it is by picking out about 600 g of yarn and try to knit it up by the end of April. Here's a photo of the yarn I found in my stash. and one of the balls of yarn I found was a ball of Freedom Spirit I have had in my stash for years. I think I got it in a swap and have never known what to knit out of it as it's just 50 g. But after some browsing on Ravelry I decided to cast on a pair of Nalu mitts. And they are turning out great :)

Reading: Last night I finished The Ice Twins. And what a heartbreaking story it was! So if you haven't read it you must. Tonight I'm starting The Husband's Secret.


Even though it's freezing cold outside, it's so beautiful and the sky makes promises of a returning sun.
It was cold, but still refreshing when I went for a walk yesterday. All bundled up in wool ;) But despite wearing a woolly tights, my butt and thighs were SO cold when I got home. I might have to knit a pair of Majas Mamelucker to keep warm ;)


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2016 The Year of Socks and Mittens

I browsed through my Ravelry page and had to admit that I mostly have knitted socks and mittens last year... Most of them can be found in the collages below. I only knitted 1 hat, 1 cowl, 2 shawls and finished the buttonbands on a jacket besides socks and mittens...
SO, this year I really need to start knitting other things. And I have made a bundle on Ravelry of what I want to knit this year, so we'll see :)
Setesdalskofte and Rygja is on my list as I need to knit myself some new cardigans. Ryðrauð is also a cardigan I'd love to knit or maybe as a sweater like this one. Hearts on a String and Waiting for Rain is two shawls I hope to knit. Of course there is some socks and mittens on my list as well. I can't not have a pair of socks on the needles! But I'll try to knit up most of my leftover sock yarn at the beginning of this year, so because both mine and Hubby's sock drawers are full, the kids will get some new socks first. I think...

Socks 2016

Mittens 2016


Monday, January 2, 2017

2016 in Books

My goal was to read 80 books this year and I managed that and a couple more :)
82 books and 28996 pages.
You can find more info about the books in My year in books 2016

My favorites
En fisk til Luna
Iron House
The Napolitan Novels 2 And 3
Drums of Autumn
The Storm Sister
The Apple Tart of Hope
The Architect's Apprentice

Countries visited for my Around the World in books project.
- Ethiopia in Tobbia
- Italy in The Napolitan Novels
- Turkey in The Architect's Apprentice
- Peru in Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter
- Germany in Instituttet for de siste ønsker

Pøbler i pels og pyjamas
Last Wolf Watching
Det frosten tok
Brødrene Vega
Personal Demons
De syv søstre
Fjorten av samme sorten
Et liv ute  to unge mennesker  et helt år ute i det fri
Om hundre år er allting gjemt
Stjerner over, mørke under
Elizabeth Is Missing
The Babylon Rite
The Genesis Secret
Dyrk selv hagetips og oppskrifter
Sjarmen med tarmen
Irma Dahl

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

On The Needles :: Totoro Mittens


What are you knitting and reading this week?
I'm joining Ginny at Small Things for Yarn Along and Nicole at Frontier Dreams for Keep Calm and Craft On.

The days just seem to flew by and suddenly it's Wednesday again... It's raining today so what little daylight we have is dark and gloomy, so sorry for bad photos. Anyhow, I've brewed a cup of tea, have the fire going in the wood stove and my knitting trying to ignore the lousy weather.

Knitting: It has been cast on all the things lately... There is so much I want to knit! And I'm sure I'm not alone feeling like that now and then ;) Right now I'm trying to finish up my daughter's Totoro mittens before christmas. It's going to be a part of her gift. Which means I need to knit the boys something too - not sure what yet, but I think it will be socks or mittens. I have my needles ready - just need to find the right yarn.

Reading: I've picked up The Land of Painted Caves (Earth's Children #6). It says on my Goodread page that I started reading it in April 2011... And I know that I was SO eager to get it as I loved the previous books in the series. But somehow this one didn't keep my interest long enough to read it through. I have been reading a few chapters now and then during the years and was almost halfway through it when I picked it up a few days ago. I have decided to finish it this time and it does seems like the story is getting a bit more exciting.
As the story opens, Ayla, Jondalar, and their infant daughter, Jonayla, are living with the Zelandonii in the Ninth Cave. Ayla has been chosen as an acolyte to a spiritual leader and begins arduous training tasks. Whatever obstacles she faces, Ayla finds inventive ways to lessen the difficulties of daily life, searching for wild edibles to make meals and experimenting with techniques to ease the long journeys the Zelandonii must take while honing her skills as a healer and a leader. And there are the Sacred Caves that Ayla’s mentor takes her to see. They are filled with remarkable paintings of mammoths, lions, and bears, and their mystical aura at times overwhelms Ayla. But all the time Ayala has spent in training rituals has caused Jondalar to drift away from her. The rituals themselves bring her close to death, but through them Ayla gains A Gift of Knowledge so important that it will change her world. - from Goodreads -


I have finished a couple of things since last week. First is a pair of Bird mittens. They turned out a little to small for me, so I'll have to knit another pair using a needles size larger and in the colours leighsideknits used for her mittens.

Ravelry project page
Pattern: Bird Mittens from Norske vottar og vantar
Yarn: Mor Aase superwash
Needles: 2,5 mm / US 1.5 and 3 mm / US 2.5


Trying to photograph purple in the light we have now is almost impossible... but you get the idea. And yes, I have used two different yarn dyelots as I am trying to knit up my stash.

Ravelry project page
Pattern: Fidelio (free pattern)
Yarn: 107 g Ida Strømpegarn #336
Needles: 2,5 mm / US 1.5
Size: small


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

On The Needles :: Snow Lily


What are you knitting and reading this week?
I'm joining Ginny at Small Things for Yarn Along and Nicole at Frontier Dreams for Keep Calm and Craft On.

Knitting: I cast these on yesterday and somehow knitting colourwork goes so much faster than knitting a plain sock... The pattern is Snow Lily, a free pattern from Drops I've had in my queue for years.

Reading: After finishing The Book of Speculations a few days ago, which was a good read, I picked up Hålke at the library since it seems like everyone is reading it here these days. Not sure if it will be translated into english, but who knows. So far the story is good.

The streets are covered with slippery ice, inside are Ebba and Karl. 
Ebba and Karl have been married for almost a lifetime. They have shared their joys and sorrows, they have raised children together, loved, betrayed and deceived. Wounds have arisen, bruises are healed. Now they are pensioners, with aging bodies, it is winter, and when the world one day is glazed in thick and hard ice, when the municipality can not afford to sprinkle the ice with sand, when a broken femoral neck could mean the beginning of the end, so they stay inside. 
Ebba and Karl are a married couple who may still feel the tensions between them, both as erotic attraction and as a quivering and sometimes unsettling undertone. In one day, two days, several days, they have only each other. The coffee runs out, and the bread. The feeling of being trapped, the insulation, the marital dynamics ... during some winter days are past betrayal, brutality and uncertainty in living and traveling the dangerous and impossible question: What is love worth? - from Goodreads -

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

FO :: Revespor Socks


Revespor or Fox tracks socks are done and more sock yarn has left my stash :)
The few hours of daylight we have now is so gloomy and blue so the photos are not capturing the real colours... Just imagine the orange a little darker and brighter.


Ravelry project page
Pattern: Revespor (free pattern)
Yarn: Sisu in orange and white, Senjagarn in grey and Ida Strømpegarn in black.
Needles: 2,5 - I wish I had gone up a needles size on the pattern part, but they fit and I know they will get looser when worn a couple of times.
Size: 64 sts


My favorite part is the white tip of the fox tail toe :)


Sunday, November 20, 2016

FO :: Socks


I just love these socks!
It's such a great pattern for using up leftovers and those single 50 g balls of solid color in your stash.
I know I'll have to knit more in other colors.


Ravelry project page
Pattern: Socks with pattern (free pattern)
Yarn: Various, Fabel, Sisu, Ida and Senjagarn, 81 g total
Needles: 2,5 mm / US 1.5
Size: 64 sts




We went hiking to our lean-to today to stack up some wood there for the winter, made a bonfire and enjoyed a cup of tea and cacao :)  It's been a very dry fall/early winter here and no snow yet... It's great to don't have to shuffle snow and it's easy to hike in the forest, but I really would like some snow to lighten up the days now as the polar nights are coming.


And even if the sun is not high enough to shine on us, she makes the most beautiful sunsets!